We are Petals & Pods

We are mothers, and we deeply value the promise we make to you.

We put love and care into our products because we know you care too.

  • Efficacy

    Our products work. They deliver on their claims. We stand by their effectiveness.

  • Quality

    We only use the highest quality food-grade and therapeutic grade ingredients. No fillers.

  • Natural

    We ferment, roast, and grind botanicals and herbs, much like a loving home-cooked meal. It is food for your skin.

  • Authentic

    Ancient skincare traditions inspire our products. They have been tried and tested for generations.

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The maker


loves making and creating, whether it is soaps, delicious food, or widely used technology products used by millions of users around the world. She approaches life with curiosity, optimism, and a sense of adventure and pursues goals big and small with a cheerful determination and will.

the seller


is a super-connector, spiritual-seeker, and empath. She strives to create harmony and is highly attuned to the needs of others around her and her customers. She is always eager to lend a helping hand and a listening ear. There is no detail too small for her. You want her in your corner, and you don't have to ask her twice.

Our story